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Eastern Market Kite Aerial Photography

Sunday, April 10, 2011:
Eastern Market Aerial
It was a beautiful, breezy day, so I had to get out for some Kite Aerial Photography (KAP). I went to Eastern Market (which is the location of Detroit's Farmer's Market on Saturdays). I struggled against turbulent ground wind to get my Flowform kite airborne. A passerby--Johnny--took an interest in what I was doing and came over to talk to me (and ask for money to get something to eat). He offered to help me launch the kite. After several attempts, I was about ready to give up on the location. However, Johnny was eager to see the kite aloft, so I tried one more time and was finally able to coax it up above the ground turbulence.

The wind was quite gusty, even up high, so I waited a while to see if it would be stable enough for the camera. Up to this point, I hadn't said anything to Johnny about a camera. When I was feeling confident enough with the kite, I said, "Now comes the fun part." "What's the fun part?" asked Johnny. "Putting a camera up there," I replied. "How ya gonna do that?" So I proceeded to show him.

With Johnny's help, I got my KAP rig on the kite line, the camera in the rig and then the whole thing aloft. All was going well, but then I had some scary moments when gusts of wind played havoc with the kite, so I brought it back in after a few minutes of aerial photography.

Johnny was flabergasted by the whole experience. I can't even count how many times he said, "You have made my day!" Thank you, Johnny, for your help and I'm glad I was able to brighten your day.

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Trumbull KAP

Sunday, March 20, 2011:
Trumbull and Merrick Aerial Photo
My new Sony NEX-5 camera was damaged rattling around in my KAP bag (the LCD screen cracked), so it was back to the Canon A630 for this Kite Aerial Photography (KAP) outing. I used the GentLED 'Peanut' for my NEX-5 to rotate the pan axis of the KAP rig and ran an intervalometer script on the A630 to fire the the shutter at intervals. Both of the lithium-ion batteries that I usually use to power the RC receiver and the servos on the rig are currently not taking a charge, so I had to set the tilt angle of the rig to a fixed position, making this an auto-KAP session.

For this set of photos, I went to a field next to the Wayne State University Matthei Atheletic Complex. I did KAP from this area last summer, however, this time I had a couple of specific targets in mind: The Woodbridge Pub (which has hosted Exposure Detroit exhibits recently) and the park across the street from it.

While the KAP rig was on the kite line, I had some lulls in the wind that required reeling in line until the wind picked up again. In the end, I got two rotational passes at my targets before a sustained lull made me decide to call it quits for the day. Turned out to be good timing, because it started raining just as I got back to my vehicle with my equipment.

The results were rather disappointing. Most of the shots were blurry to some extent (the one shot that perfectly framed the Woodbridge Pub was very blurry). It was an overcast day, so I set the camera to aperture-priority with the aperture wide open (f/2.8). However, I should have manually set the ISO speed to a high value but didn't think of it. Another problem is that the GentLED turning the rig isn't synched with the intervalometer firing the shutter, so some shots could have been blurred if they happened at the same time.

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