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white 10-foot falls 2010 2011 2012 2013 4 seasons kite club 4skc abandoned abstract academic acoustic bass aerial aerial photography african african american history african dance african jazz afrobeat airfoil alex white alternative rock alto saxophone alvins ambassador bridge amphitheater anna scripps whitcomb conservatory anthony holland apartments april architecture art deco art gallery atmosphere atom gazelle atrium august autokap autumn available light avant garde b baker' balcony bar bar gate bar-b-q barbeque baroque baseball bass bass clarinet bassist beach beaux-arts bebop bed-and-breakfast belle isle belle isle bridge belle isle casino belleville belleville lake bert' berts berts marketplace big band billiards black & black and white blossoms blue blue water bridge blues brothers blur boat bohemian home in exile books bookshelves botanical botanical garden boxdeserter brewster brewster-douglass bridge broadway street brockway mountain broderick tower bubs fiddler bubz fiddler buddy budson building cadillac center cadillac place cafe campus campus canada canopy carillon tower cass cass ave cassius richmond charles boles charles h wright chdk children children' church city cityscape cityscape clarence e. day clarinet cliff bell' cliff bells clinton river clinton river park clock tower cloud clouds clown coffeehouse cold men young comerica park condominiums condos conservatory copper harbor copper harbor lighthouse court courthouse courtyard craig taborn creative creek criticism welcome cultrual center dally in the alley dance dancer dave mcmurray david mcmurray david whitney building december decor delta-conyne detroit detroit film theater detroit film theatre detroit institute of arts detroit jazz festival detroit princess detroit river detroit ruins detroit science center dia digital piano djallo djakate dome downtown drum drum major drummer drums dual-span duo duotone eagle harbor eagle harbor lighthouse eagle river eagle river bridge eagle river falls eastern market edison lake electric bass electric guitar electric upright bass electronic piano ensemble experimental experimental rock extreme crop fall fanny hooe creek farmer street february felton jones ferndale festival field fighter kite fireworks first federal first federal building fisher building fisheye flowers fog fogtography folk football field ford field fountain four seasons kite club free jazz fresnel fresnel lens fungus funk gabriel richard park gallery garage rock garden gas mask gate gaze gazelle gazing geometric gerald cleaver gerard evans ghana gm headquarters gogebic grand river gratiot grayscale greg cook grid guitar guitarist hamtramck hand-held harbor hard bop hart plaza haven creek haven falls hdr henry gibson high-rise highlife hilife hip hop house phone housing projects ibrahim jones ice improvisation indie rock indigo inn instrument jacobs creek jacobs falls jam session james odonnell jaribu shahid jazz jerrold foke jesse kramer john douglas jon trennepohl juannonly july june kap karmanos karmanos cancer institute kayak kayaker keweenaw keweenaw peninsula keyboard keyboardist kids kite kite aerial photography kite club kusun kusun ensemble lake lake of the clouds lake okonoka lake superior lake tacoma lake takoma landscape larry smith launch le petit zinc lens library library street lighthouse line laundry little carp river little union little union river live music livingstone lighthouse livonia loft long exposure lotte anker macarthur bridge maccabees building mahindi masai manabezho falls manido falls march mark dresser marquette matt wilson matthaei matthaei gymnasium mecca damil medical center metropolitan building michael jellick michigan michigan lighthouse millender center mist monochrome moss motion blur museum museum of african american history music musician musicians myra melford nawadaha falls neo gothic neo-classical night nightclub nii tettey tetteh nokoko noman november ocius october odd hours odu odu afrobeat orchestra office office building old main ontario ontonagon orchestra organ organist organst outdoor outdoor sculpture outreach center overlooked falls panorama parafoil park pavement pavilion pd9 peace carillon pear people people mover percussion percussionist perry funeral home pianinst pianist piano planet d planet d nonet playing plaza point edward pointer kite pool pool room pool table porcupine mountains porcupine mountains state park porcupine mountains wilderness state park porkies port huron post bop post-bop power sled presque isle river projects pseudo-hdr public housing pump house pumping station punk punk rock pyramid stage quartet r and b r& rackham rackham education memorial rackham education memorial building rafael statin rain randolph street rap rapids raven café renaissance center rencen restaurant revolution rhythm richard bennett river river walk riverfront riverside riverside park rj spangler rock rocks rod williams roger jones ron brooks root roots russell industrial center s s center s keyboard lounge s marketplace sail boat sand hills sand hills lighthouse sarnia saxophone saxophonist scarab club scat schoolcraft college schwa science center scott fountain scott memorial fountain sculpture self-portrait selfie sepia september ship shore silver city silver river singer singing skillman skyline skyscraper sled slows snow softball soprano saxophone spencer schube spider web sport kite sprawl spring st clair river st dominic state park sterling heights still life stitched stones straight down street fair studio 20 by 15 stunt kite suburban summer summer july sun ra sunset tall ship tangent gallery ten-foot falls tennis courts tenor saxophone the octopus the raven cafe tiffany tone-mapped tone-mapping tony holland track field traditional tree tree root trees trio trio m trumbull trumpet trumpeter twin bridge twin-span ugly uncle jerrold unplugged upper peninsula upright bass upright piano uprooted urban decay urban sprawl usa vacant vigilance vigilant vincent bowens vocalist vocals warren water station waterfall wayne brunjes wayne county building wayne state wayne state university web weeping willow west africa whitcomb conservatory wilderness willow willow tree windows windsor winter woodbridge woodbridge pub woodward woodward plaza worm wurlitzer building wwkap2011 wwkapw2011 yacht club zoom-blur
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